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Finland 8th has been moved from June to January to Dominican Republic, because Bachata Ambassador's resources are sufficient only for the world's largest and most prestigious DR4th festival. Follow Ambassador's example to get the best of your life experience. DR4th offers 10 times more than any other standard festival in the world: luxurious catamaran, jungle, 17 parties with 10 000+ Dominicans and 15 live bands. -> DR4th ticket order

DR3rd WAS IN JANUARY 20-28, 2013

DR3RD WAS THE BEST, BIGGEST, MOST AUTHENTIC, MOST EXOTIC AND FUN FESTIVAL IN THE WORLD!!! The mighty 5 diamond DR3rd (Dominican Republic 3rd Bachata Festival and Dance Adventure Jan 20-28, 2013 ended up being the biggest and best bachata festival in the world!!!!! We nearly tripled the international attendee amount. We had attendees from 25 countries from all around the world, 10,000+ Dominicans in the parties and 15 live bands. DR3rd had 15 live bands (Joe Veras, Joan Soriano, Ramon Torres...), which means about 150 musicians. This is the world record and will be the world record for a long time. And, of course, we saw these musicians in so many different locations! DR3rd saw 17 parties and live bands all over Dominican Republic in 4 cities, 2 beaches, a virgin island, on a catamaran and in the jungle. We moved people with 18 expensive big buses all around the country to see the best Dominican bachata party places with 10,000+ Dominicans. » Read more


Friday shows: FinZouk, RioZouk, Samy el Magico, Kizomba Dk
Saturday shows: SalsaAcademy, Avelino&Joana, Gabryel&Bego
Sunday shows: Hips on Fire, Gabryel Animation and TransKizombachata and
Photos: in Facebook


The 7th festival instructors were: Gabryel&Bego, Kizomba DK, Hips on Fire, Avelino&Joana, Samy El Magico, Björn Oso, Stou Dance and Sami Häggman. The list includes proven best ones, newcomers and world-famous to inspire the 7th festival. The genres include all Bachata variations, Bolero, Kizomba and Semba..


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Bachata Ambassador Vesa played the first Bachatas in Finland in the 90's. The first big Bachata party 2003, Yoskar Sarante Bachata Concert Tour 2006, Finland 1st Bachata Festival October 2008 with 3 instructors and 137 participants and the 2 times bigger 2nd in June 2009 with 10 instructors. The year 2010 started with 3rd on January in Helsinki. All the workshops were sold out 1 month before and the main Party was also sold out. The 4th was 2 times bigger and best of all. 2011 was the year of big ones, 5th in Helsinki and 6th in Tampere with hundreds of participants, Like in Finland, the USA and European Bachata Festivals have doubled each year. Bachata Ambassador did the 1st ever Bachata Festival in DR. DR 2nd was ranked by the attendees as the best festival in the world and it really was at least the most autentic and exotic.




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Bachata Ambassador started to promote bachata in 90's from zero, huge Yoskar Sarante concert 2006, created the second bachata festival in the word (Finland 1st), a row of 7 successful and world known festivals and the first in Dominican Republic (DR1st). Quite an act that has inspired promoters to do hundreds of bachata festivals around the world. However, repeating the traditional way of doing the festivals cannot continue forever. Bachata Ambassador has decided to leave Finland 7th as the last traditional bachata and kizomba festival in Finland, because DR2nd and DR3rd taught how to do much more interesting events, at least in DR. While the hundreds of bachata festivals follow a traditional pattern, DR3rd was the only completely different festival. No wonder why it attracted almost three times more international participants and 10 000+ Dominicans. Some moment Bachata Ambassador will introduce to Finland the new entertainment concepts that no other promoter has. Get prepared for the tropical DR4th bachata. » Read more

Finland Bachata Festivals got all the time better and the 7th was the best of all with it's 13 world-famous instructors. 7th is the honorable and glorious end point to the traditional way of organizing the bachata festivals. The best thing for myself was to accommodate and feed the stars. They are all amazing people and the festival time was like a circus with endless amount of wild and funny stories. Gabriel&Bego always did their best and completely conquered the audience in stage, workshops and private persons. Kizomba Dk taught the whole Finland to dance Kizomba. Bolero was an interesting adventure, as well as all the other smaller genres.

Finland 6th was amazing - really the best in the world. The combination of the instructors and genres were perfect. There were so many interesting workshops that the attendees wanted to see the same instructors again. Our workshop and party places were excellent and everything worked smoothly. The Dominican singer and the presentations of our international instructors were fabulous. Finland has really good reputation and hard job to keep the leading position with the 7th festival.

Finland 4th was the best ever. Focusing 100% to the Bachata was absolutely the right decicion. Everything was perfect: the instructors, shows and parties. The feeling was hot, enthusiastic and emotional. The last show of the Festival was even mind-blowing.

We are proud of our festivals. We have had the best instructors of the world and the coming festivals will show all the new best ones. You'll definitely learn Bachata in our festival, because each instructor will have enough time to teach, which does not automatically happen in the biggest Bachata festivals of the world. We have got extremely good feedback and admiration from all over the world of our romantic and warm parties.