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This is your unique opportunity to see the ULTIMATE KIZOMBA created by Avelino, the original pioneer (one of the three) who brought kizomba to Europe. Avelino&Joana are our most expensive investment, recommended by Kizomba Dk. It's time to learn the new kizomba dimensions, something faster and wilder.


Youtube colleccion:

Kizomba Show by Avelino Chantre & Joana Machado @ Club Mambo

Show Kizomba / Semba

Show Semba/Kizomba Avelino Chantre & Joana Machado

AFRICADANCAR 2011 Avelino y Joana Machado

Kizomba Show by Avelino Chantre & Joana Machado @ Club Mambo


Avelino Chantre and Joana Machado

Avelino was born in Cape Verde, where he specialized in Traditional Dances and Cape Verdean Dança Contemporânea dances. It's traditional base is in Funaná, Kola, Coladera, Mazurka, Semba and Kizomba. Beginning in 1988, Cape Verde, his professional experience crossed the border (Portugal, Spain, France, Holland, Italy, Germany, Brazil, USA, Canada) with performances by choreographers such as Clara Andermatt and Paulo Ribeiro.

Avelino is also a musician, actor and creator of several choreographies and shows. His career in Portugal since 1994 includes shows and partnerships with big names of dance and music of the Teatro Nacional, such as Francisco Camacho, Miguel Moreira (Utero), National Theatre D. Mary II, Espasso Latino, Vasco Martins (CV) and many others.

Ultimate Kizomba is his latest project, in collaboration with his new dance pair Joana Machado. The new style is Semba inspired, a whole new approach in Kizomba, more stylish, elegant and completely unique.

Joana Machado started as Ballroom and Tango Argentino dancer. In 2007 she was a student of Avelino Chantre and continued as the fully trained instructor couple with Avelino.


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