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José Rui and Daniela

José Rui and Daniela are Kizomba Addicts, Performers, Instructors, Promoters, Event Creators and the First Official face of Kizomba in Denmark.

José Rui and Daniela met in Denmark in a dance floor, and when they danced their first Kizomba together, they knew they had found a treasure, something also buried in their African roots, because even though they both grew up in Portugal, José Rui is original from Cabo Verde and Daniela spend her first years in Mozambique where her mother is original from.

They grew big enthusiasts of this unique dance style, the music and the very special way of expressing ourselves through Kizomba.

Having learned Kizomba with some of the greatest masters in Kizomba like Kwenda Lima, Avelino Chantre, Petchu, Zé Barbosa, Hélio Santos, Ricardo Sousa and Paula Loureiro, they now spend a lot of their time divulging the dance and the music in Denmark, making it a success as it already is in several countries in Europe.

They have performed and taught Kizomba in Denmark, Sweden, England, Lithuania and Finland. They currently teach sundays and mondays and promote two weekly Kizomba parties at Club Mambo, right in the heart of Copenhagen, where week after week more and more people join and fall in Love with Kizomba!

They have successfully introduced Kizomba in Denmark, sharing their passion with the Danish Dancing Society! Through them Kizomba landed in Denmark to stay and delight all that had never experienced Kizomba before.

Kizomba DK

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