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Björn Oso is a fast learner, excellent instructor, performer and open minded dance professional. His optimism and sense of humour moves big growds. Bachata Ambassador is honoured to receive "Swedish invasion of the Finland 7th international Bachata Festival" and the coming 8 people show of "Stockholm SalsaAkademien Bachata Student Team".



Björn Oso Sabroso


Björn is a Nordic name that means bear and there comes the nickname Oso (bear in Spanish). A popular man with a good sense of humour. Enjoys making other people smile and likes to be the center of attention. The eternal optimist.

Bjorn has been dancing salsa since 2003 and later on he added bachata and other genres to his hance repertoire. He is a passionate social dancer, instructor, performer and choreographer. He has visited Cuba, Puerto Rico and Doinican Republic to get more perspective into the dance. Björn runs a popular Rueda party in Vasa Park every summer and is a partner and board member of the Salsa Academy in Stockholm Sweden.

Oso Group

We will see the Stockholm SalsaAkademien Bachata Student Team 8 people show in the Finland 7th Saturday night party.


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