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Dominican Republic 1st Bachata Festival
La Pantera Suave & La Magia





YankeiryssKeiry Alvarez (La Pantera Suave) from Santiago de Caballeros, Dominican Republic is a dancer, instructor and singer. She has won the bachata and merengue competitions and being the dance instructor partner with the famous Julio la Salsa from DR. As a dancer she has won the competitions of bachata and merengue dances.

She has been working for the Reino Music Company in the group Los Originales: Endy Joe Feat Yankeiryss as a Reggaeton singer. Now she is a bachata singer, but anytime ready to sing also salsa, mambo, reggaeton and bolero.

Keiry was one of the key instructors in the Dominican Republic 1st Bachata Festival in Sto Domingo February 24-27, 2011. She was teaching the authentic DomiBachata footwork, partnerwork and styling. Keiry was one of the best representative of the autentic way of dancing bachata.

Keiry understands that their own way is far away from foreigners way. There is a lot of things to be learned. She has sensors all around her body to distinguish between the right and wrong DomiBachata styling. Independent of how good dancer you are, she can make you better.

Keiry is important addition to our instructor group and although Jorge&Leslie will do most of the DomiBachata teaching she will do as a Dominican lady the finetuning. Keiry will teach autentic DomiBachata, Mambo (street merengue) and Tipico (fast tradicional merengue). Although the basic merengue is pretty boring, mambo and tipico are the mainstream in DR now and you'll be astounished how fancy dances they are.

Keiry will teach the workshops with Jorge, Gabriel and Ambassador.